The Biggest Misconceptions About SEO, Debunked

It goes without saying that digital marketing is an incredibly vast landscape. There is so much to learn about this changing industry, so much so that it’s easy for any newbie to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Since digital marketing, and especially search engine optimization (SEO), are constantly changing, it can be confusing to determine what best practices to use and which ones to ditch. To take out some of the guesswork, here are some common misconceptions about SEO.

With the sheer number of links out there floating in the cyber world, this is not true. Not all links are created equally, and some can be worthless to your website while others can really work hard to boost your domain rating. So why is this? To understand if a link is a good link for you, look at the quality of the website it is coming from.

For example, does it have a good domain rating? Is the business in the same industry as yours? Does that website have a good number of followers, a high click-through rate, and a low-bounce rate? Do they share great content that can also inform your audience? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then that link can be a powerful digital marketing tool.

On the other hand, if the link looks spammy, unauthentic, and/or comes with a no-follow tag, then you should pass on it. With these factors in mind, don’t just assume all links are great for you. This is why a quality link building campaign is critical for your business’s digital marketing success. 

Myth: You can get on the first page of Google by paying a one-time fee

This is untrue. SEO is a technique that is meant to be built up over time, and your goals cannot be completed in one transaction.

Think of SEO to be like that of the stock market: you get out of it what you put into it, and there is no quick solution. This means that you have to invest time, effort, and energy into getting results, and you’ll usually see a tick up in results after about three months or so.

So if you notice companies advertising first page placements for a one-time fee of $100 or something similar, do not believe them. Chances are they don’t know what they are talking about and cannot deliver what your business needs. 

Myth: If I focus on content creation, I’ll be fine

While content is king when it comes to successful SEO, it’s not the only aspect you should be focusing on. A good SEO campaign will include backlinking, keyword optimization, and proper HTML to truly increase rankings.

So yes, it is important to focus your efforts on great content creation, but don’t forget that a blog can only work better for you when it is paired with other digital marketing techniques and tactics.

Myth: All keyword placements are created equally

It is not enough to simply place keywords on a page to ensure you’re getting leads brought to your site. Instead, you have to be strategic in where you place those keywords, since not all keyword placements are created equal.

There are some locations on your website that will help your keywords stand out, such as your title tags, meta tags, and in the photo descriptions. Remember, you are putting keywords on your page so Google web crawlers can see them, so you’ll need to put them where they stand out. At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to mix up your keyword placements. By understanding these myths, you’ll be on your way to understanding how SEO can truly bring your website and business to new heights. Furthermore, if you would like to take your business to the next level, do consider enlisting the expertise of this reputable search optimization agency.

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