How to Fix A Dead Laptop in 5 Easy Steps (Solved)

How to fix a dead laptop-The most common problem is the laptop suddenly dead, and could not be switched on again. If this problem occurs, it will be good if you try to solve it yourself, without having to hassle other people.

laptop dead repair

If you can fix your own laptop, then you will be more cost-effective. In addition, you will also be people who are smart and understand computer technology. Isn’t that Nice?

Well, now let’s follow the tips and computer tricks, which I share this time. Read on to completion.

How to troubleshoot laptop suddenly dead could not be turned on:

1. Unplug and plug it back in Your Laptop battery:

In the early stages, to fix the laptop, disconnect the battery of your laptop, then plug it back in. Once installed, try to switch on your laptop. Only in this way is usually a laptop could be revived without any more process.

2. Turn on Laptop using Charger, without the use of Batteries:

If the first step has not yet been successful, try to turn on your laptop with just the charger directly, without installing the battery. The way it’s meant to tell if the battery is damaged or not. Because I’ve got some case turns out to be the battery that causes the laptop can’t be switched on. Once revoked, usually, a laptop can be turned on if it is true the battery is the source of the problem.

3. Unplug and Plug it back in the Laptop Memory/RAM:

Next, disconnect Your memory, clear the memory and plug it back in. Then try to switch on your laptop. If there is no response at all, try on your laptop without the memory and see what happens. If we read long beeps, turn off the laptop and plug it back in memory, then turn the laptop back on.

The reason, many laptops died occurred, due to the memory that is dirty and damaged. Therefore try this way first.

4. Replace Processor:

Try to replace Your laptop’s processor with a similar one, then take a test. If your laptop can be turned on, means processors that caused your laptop to die.

5. Disassemble And Clean A Laptop:

At this stage, it seems a bit more complicated. because it takes a little knowledge to disassemble the laptop. Well, all You have to do is unpack your laptop, remove components such as hard disks, memory, DVD drives, processor, wifi card, and others. Once it was clear everything using a brush.

Hopefully, this last way can make the laptop can live again. Could be good again, and back to normal as before. So that you can work using your laptop.

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