Does Ray-ban sell replacement Lenses?

Ray-Ban is one of the most popular brands of sunglasses in the world. The company has been designing and manufacturing eyewear since 1937. Ray-Ban offers a wide range of frames to suit individual tastes, from traditional aviator glasses to retro round frames.

However, not everyone wants to buy a new pair when their old ones break or get lost. Fortunately, Ray-Ban does sell replacement lenses for their sunglasses.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing replacement lenses for your Ray-Ban sunglasses. First, you will need to know the model number of your glasses. Second, you will need to decide what type of lens you want.

Can lenses be replaced in Ray Bans?

Yes, the lenses on Ray-Ban sunglasses can be replaced. You can either purchase replacement lenses directly from Ray-Ban or take your sunglasses to a local optical shop to have the lenses replaced.

If you choose to replace the lenses yourself, make sure you buy the correct size and type of lens for your frame.

How do you replace Ray-Ban lenses?

If your Ray-Ban lenses are scratched, damaged, or just need a new look, you can replace them easily. Just follow these steps:

1. Order new lenses. You can do this directly through the Ray-Ban website or by visiting a localOptician.

2. Remove the old lenses. To do this, start by popping out the nose pads. Once they’re out, gently pry the lenses out of the frames using your fingers or a small screwdriver.

3. Insert the new lenses. Be careful not to scratch them as you put them into place. Once they’re in, pop the nose pads back in and give the frames a little squeeze to make sure they’re secure.

And that’s it! You now have brand new lenses for your Ray-Ban sunglasses.

How much does it cost to put prescription lenses in Ray-Bans?

The cost of lens replacement will vary depending on the type of lenses you need and the retailer you choose, but it is typically fairly affordable. For example, a basic single vision lens replacement may cost around $50, while a more complex progressive or bifocal replacement may cost closer to $100.

How do you fix scratched Ray-Ban lenses?

There are a few ways that you can fix scratched Ray-Ban lenses. One way is to use a mild soap and water solution to clean the lenses. You can also use a gentle toothpaste or rubbing alcohol. If the scratches are deeper, you may need to use a soft cloth and buffing compound.

How much does it cost to replace sunglass lenses?

The cost of replacing your sunglass lenses will depend on the type of sunglasses you have and the type of lenses you need. Generally, replacement lenses for standard sunglasses will cost between $30 and $60, while replacement lenses for designer sunglasses can cost up to $200. If you have prescription sunglasses, the cost of replacement lenses will depend on your prescription.

Can I put new lenses in old frames?

Yes, you can put new lenses in old frames as long as the frames are in good condition and the right size for your face. You will need to take the old lenses out and have new ones cut to fit the frames. Ray-Ban offers a wide variety of lens styles and colors to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your old frames.

Do Ray-Ban lenses scratch easily?

Ray-Ban lenses are made of high-quality glass and are treated with an anti-scratch coating. However, like all glasses, they can become scratched over time. Fortunately, Ray-Ban offers replacement lenses for its sunglasses. You can purchase replacement lenses directly from the company or from authorized retailers.

Can you get scratches out of Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Most people don’t know that you can get replacement lenses for your Ray-Bans. And, yes, you can get scratches out of them, too. If you have a pair of Ray-Bans that are scratched, you can purchase replacement lenses.

Can opticians remove scratches glasses?

Yes, most opticians can remove scratches from your glasses. However, if the scratches are severe, you may need to replace your lenses. You can also try using a DIY scratch remover kit. These kits usually come with a special cloth that you can use to buff out the scratches.


Yes, ray-ban does sell replacement lenses. Replacement lenses can be ordered through the company’s website or by calling customer service. Prices and options may vary depending on the type of lens and frame you choose.