10 Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headphones at a reasonable and low price, then here you can find the 10 best Bluetooth headphones at affordable prices. Bluetooth headphones are a perfect way to enjoy your favorite cable-free music, whether your phone has nixed the audio jack or you want the freedom to go wireless. In the last decade, Bluetooth headphones have come a long way.

The Bluetooth revolution implies ever-more sophisticated Bluetooth codecs, longer-lasting batteries, and better-sounding audio, great news for those of us who enjoy quality sound as well as no-wire convenience. Although we would still recommend Bluetooth headphones a few years ago for those who value sound quality (and we would still recommend for the finest sound-per-pound performance), these days the best wireless headphones really make perfect companions for listening to music on the run.

However, quantity has come with quality. The market is full of wireless pairs, so you can determine what kind of headphones you want before you start hunting. With brands such as Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, B&W, and AKG leading the way, our round-up of the best wireless headphones include over-ear wireless headphones, often with noise-canceling thrown in for good measure. And there are also plenty of wireless in-headphones (or earbuds, if you like) today, some with neckband cables connecting the buds, but some, referred to as ‘real wireless,’ where the earpieces are totally untethered from each other. Yeah, as with AirPods.

For headphone sound quality, Bluetooth is no longer an inferior choice. There are plenty of Bluetooth headphones that will serve you well, without the need for cables, with the advent of newer devices and more advanced audio processing and transmission. We’ve placed this list of 10 best Bluetooth headphones review together for your convenience, to help you find an affordable option that meets your expectations. So, get ready to pick some of the best Bluetooth headphones.

Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

1. BlueParrott B550-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headphone

In high noise conditions, the BlueParrott B550-XT Bluetooth Headphone is designed for superior calls. Block out background noise with noise cancellation of 96 percent. Use your voice to trigger the headset when you need your hands to do your job, and monitor your calls, GPS directions, audio, voice assistants, and more. Total hands-free use helps you to focus on the task at hand. You can wear your BlueParrott headsets all day long. The lightweight design is durable, yet comfortable enough for long-term use for calls and music.

This Bluetooth headphone has a long-lasting battery life of 24 hours at a single charge. You have all-day conversations, with up to 24 plus hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time per charge. You can customize your favorite features with the Parrott Button. This Bluetooth headset for truckers is compatible with leading Digital Assistants. One-touch access to Google Assistant and Siri. The operating temperature of this headphone is -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F).BlueParrott B550-XT Bluetooth Headphone is compatible with both Android and iPhone.This

2. Sony WH-1000XM4

The Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless is the best Bluetooth headphone we’ve tested. These wireless over-ears are well-built, very comfortable, and have a robust touch-sensitive control scheme that is reasonably easy to use. With an impressive battery life of just under 38 hours, you should not have any trouble in the workweek. Multi-device pairing is also enabled in this headphone, which is helpful if you like listening to content on your phone and computer.

This headphone has superior call quality with precise voice pickup. Dual Noise Sensor technology, featuring two microphones on each earcup, captures ambient noise and passes the data to the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1. Using a new algorithm, the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 then applies noise-canceling processing in real-time to a range of environments.

3. Jaybird Tarah Pro Bluetooth Waterproof Sport Premium Headphone

Jaybird Tarah Pro is one of the best Bluetooth headphones I have tested. These Bluetooth headphones are firmly designed and give a very comfortable fit that allows them to remain in your ears even during workouts of high intensity. They’re even tiny enough to be dropped into your bag or pocket without a second thought.

They have a well-balanced out-of-the-box sound profile that should suit every form of content you want to listen to in the gym, whether it’s audiobooks or EDM tracks. That said, if you’re the kind that needs a little extra bass to stay pumped up in your music, their companion app has audio presets as well as a parametric EQ to help you fine-tune your listening experience. On a single charge, they last more than 13 hours, so they should have no problem lasting you over marathon distances.

Although they separate you from a reasonable amount of general ambient noise, they do nothing to block out sound in the bass range, which can be distracting if you also intend to commute with these headphones and want to philter out a bus engine low rumble. This Bluetooth headphone has a fast-charging feature. Fast-charging Battery 5 minutes of charging provides 2 full hours of playtime.

4. Jabra Elite 85h Bluetooth Headphone

In a Bluetooth pair, the Jabra Elite 85h headphones offer everything you might wish for. The automatic Bluetooth pairing mechanism and the big, easy-to-access controls make these headphones sound great out of the box, and they are more intuitive to set up and use than most competitors. Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Headphones are engineered for the best wireless calls and music experience with SmartSound. Smart active noise cancellation responds to the environment, switching on if it detects background noise.

The battery life is also longer than that of many rivals, rated at 36 hours (with active noise cancellation enabled), and the battery charges quickly, offering 5 hours of use after only 15 minutes of plug-in time. The Elite 85h headphones work with digital assistants from Amazon, Apple, and Google, and the sound of the microphone for phone calls is super clear. This pair is both water-resistant and protected from rain damage by a two-year warranty. The active noise cancellation (ANC) is not as powerful as the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 (for more detail, check our guide to the best noise-canceling headphones), but it reduces enough noise to be helpful.

5. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

This Bluetooth headphone has three levels of world-class noise cancellation for a better listening experience in any environment. Alexa-enabled music, content, and more for voice access are included. To change the level of noise cancellation, allow music sharing, manage Bluetooth connections, and access software updates, use the Bose Connect app. You can balance audio performance at any volume. This Bluetooth headphone has features like easy Bluetooth pairing, 20 hours of battery life, and a durable, comfortable fit. You can keep the music or the quiet going all day long. Bose AR-enhanced apps are currently available for iPhone and iPad users only. Apps for Android devices are in development. 

6. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Bluetooth Headphone

You will not get the same amount of noise cancellation or battery life as you get from the Sony or Bose headphones on our list, but Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless’s third-generation still silences a lot of noise and when it comes to sound quality and design, it is a tour de force. The New Momentum Wireless delivers a superior listening experience like no other. Reproducing the balanced depth and precision of a studio recording, these headphones separate each frequency, so you hear the bass, mid-range, and treble together in perfect harmony. This means you’ll feel everything from the heart-thumping bass of your daily commute to the soothing rhythm of your favorite memories.

The MOMENTUM Bluetooth headphone has intuitive controls designed for any situation. Whether you’re taking a business call, talking to a friend, or just hiding in your own personal audio space, the Auto On/Off and Smart Pause features ensure that you’ll never miss a beat. Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Hearing functionality allow you to experience your audio world on your terms. The advanced Active Noise Cancellation offers three modes that are tailored to different environments. And with the Transparent Hearing feature, you can enjoy music while still being fully present in different settings. Bluetooth 5. 0 compliant connectivity and 17-hour battery life, all with timelessly elegant design and premium craftsmanship.

7. TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone

TaoTronics, a flagship brand under the Sunvalley group, is dedicated to providing superior-quality, reasonably priced electronic products that improve the lives of our customers. We strive to develop, innovate, and focus on utilizing the latest technology with easy-to-use devices.

TaoTronics BH041 is the world’s first noise-canceling headset with noise reduction technology, slashing background noise up to 40dB, which can be clearly heard in noisy conditions. With Bluetooth 5.0 QCC3020 chipset headset for fast & secure signal transmission and freedom to pair simultaneously with two Bluetooth devices. This Bluetooth earphone provides up to 34 hours of continuous talking on a single full charge, always ready to answer or make hands-free calls.

It is a lightweight headphone with an adjustable headband fits any head shape, a soft earpad & an anti-slip pad that stays securely in place for all-day comfort. Mute your voice with the mute button, with the multifunction button redial/answer/reject/end/transfer calls & change the call volume with the “+” or “-” button. Featuring overvoltage & ESD protection, your headset is fully charged via your car’s USB port within 2 hours. You can freely adjust the mic to the perfect angle to capture your voice; tailor to how you wear, place on either your right or left ear.

8. BackBeat FIT 6100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A unique sport-style headband can be modified during intensive training to ensure ultra-stable style while the specific hexagonal design gives extra grip. 40 mm angled drivers and noise-isolating over-the-ear headphone systems create a deep, rich sound chamber. BackBeat FIT 6100 wireless headphones have a power of up to 24 hours on a single charge.

Create the perfect blend of your surroundings and music with Awareness mode and Sound Mix. So, chat with your gym partner between sets and stay connected to the outside world when you’re running outdoors with BackBeat Fit 6100 wireless sport headphones. Sweatproof and IPX5-rated water-resistant Bluetooth headphones can withstand moisture and spills — complete with a breathable perforated headband and wipe-clean ear cushions. With an adjustable Sport-Fit headband and up to 24 hours of power on a single charge, These wireless headphones will keep up in and outside the gym.


For more than 60 years, the JBL brand has delivered products that exemplify the technology and expertise gained through our leadership in professional sound reproduction. We’ve taken this expertise and applied it to exciting audio products for your home, car, portable media player, boat, computer, and gaming systems. Whatever and wherever, the JBL brand is the one that audio consumers trust because it’s the brand audio professionals rely on.

Introducing the JBL TUNE600BTNC active noise-canceling wireless on-ear headphones, a flat-folding lightweight, and compact solution for everyday use. The JBL TUNE600BTNC features 32 mm JBL drivers for JBL Pure Bass sound transmission. A sound that can be enjoyed wirelessly for more than 12 hours without unwanted noise and can be fully charged in just 2 hours. Wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone or tablet without messy cords. Keep the noise out and enjoy your music.

10.COWIN SE7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones from Cowin SE7 are designed to sound better, be more comfortable, and easier to bring with you. Put them on, and it all immediately shifts.  Your music is deep, strong, and balanced, and so quiet that it sounds clearer with every note.  Also air travel is fun, as the roar of the engine fades softly away.  It’s just you and your music—or just peace and quiet, no matter how loud the world is. The 90dB gives a rich, strong, and crisp tone, making it much better for your overall listening experience. Our relentless pursuit is the aim of providing clients with improved sound quality.

High-quality Built-in Microphone and Bluetooth 5.0. COWIN SE7 provides high-quality built-in microphones for hands-free calls, Which is convenient for you to free yourself from wires. Bluetooth 5.0 promises a quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth transmission distance: >15m.

Enjoy high-quality, long-listening comfort with greater longevity and comfort. Skin texture, comfortable, lightweight around-ear fit that you can wear during the day. The foldable headband is intended to save room for your desk and travel bag. A built-in 800mAh battery won’t allow your headphones’ power off. Don’t need to worry about the power shortage problem on the long travel.